Onboarding Program

This video introduces an onboarding program to prepare new hires before embarking on a long-term program.

An well-developed intro video is an effective way to kick off an important program/campaign.

Clearing Workplace

Practical tips on how to keep your workplace safe are explained in this short video.

Along with several other short videos, this was included in an eLearning course as a way to engage and motivate learners. 

Cyber Security Training

This whiteboard animation introduces the Cyber Security Training Team and promotes available training courses.

Turning static content into dynamic animation is a great way to engage learners.

5 Tips to be Cyber Secure During the Holidays

Holidays is a time for joy and celebration for people around the world and for cyber criminals as well. This fun video explains these 5 tips to be cyber secure during the holidays!

Book Teaser

This video is created to promote a book, “Save the Last Dance: A Story of North American Grassland Grouse”.

Click HERE to view.


Book Promotional Video

This video is created to promote a book, “Sage Grouse, Icon of the West”.

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